How to Set Up and Join a Zoom Meeting

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Zoom is an audio and video conferencing software that is getting bigger and bigger due to its immense popularity and the tool choices that it offers for web conferencing. It is easy to use and is available for free to host as well as join a zoom meeting. The only limitations that one can point out in zoom are the time limit of 40 minutes and the participant limit of 100 people or fewer. Otherwise, zoom is an excellent app to choose for conducting an online meeting or a professional conference.  

Let it be a PC, Mac, mobile device, or even a browser, Zoom meetings have been made easier to set up and attend a meeting with your co-workers, family, or even with your friends. For every platform, the processes to follow are pretty much the same.

In the most common scenario, you would be joining a zoom meeting with an email invitation received. By clicking on the link provided in the email, you will be prompted to open the zoom app or install the windows of the app, if it is not installed on your PC.

One way of attending a zoom meeting is by going through the email invitation link. While for those who didn’t get an email invite, they can probably join the zoom meeting by using the meeting ID and password to enter into the meeting page and join with others for the online meeting.

The above-mentioned ways could easily lead you to join a zoom meeting. And now for you to host a meeting, it is not as complicated as joining one. For hosting a zoom meeting, the first thing you need is a free Zoom account. If you have that and a device to host your meeting, then your online host meeting is just a few clicks away. 

For hosting a zoom meeting, sign in or log in to your zoom account, or open a browser to go to, where you can sign up for a zoom account or log in to your existing account. 

After logging in to your account, click on the button saying Host a meeting and choose your video camera option to be on or off for the meeting you are going to host. After selecting it, a prompt will be opening the zoom app. For those who don’t see the prompt, you might have to download or install the zoom app before proceeding with the meeting. Then after your zoom gets opened and starts running you will see yourself in the meeting that you have hosted. 

And now for scheduling a zoom meeting, and if you don’t want to start a meeting immediately, you can have it scheduled for any other time via your zoom account. For that go to your browser and then log in to your zoom account. There click on the link that says Schedule a new meeting that you can find at top of the page. By completing the schedule a meeting form by filling up the meeting name, description, date, time, and other columns, you can set up and click save for confirming the meeting schedule. For sharing this meeting invite, you can copy the link and paste this into your invitation emails or even in your text messages on various social media and texting apps.

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