How to Change the IP Address on a Mac?

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Here’s how you can find an IP address on your Mac computer and set up a static IP address on your computer manually. 

First, what you want to do is open up system preferences which are at the right top corner, otherwise, you can go into your apple logo on the very top left-hand corner and select system preferences. Opening it, you can get an area right there called the network. Now, this is also available in earlier versions of Mac OS or later versions of Mac OS. But right now you will see that you can connect to wifi. You might be using wifi, ethernet, or any other kind of connection. The ones that are green primarily will be the ones that you’re connected to and you can see it right there saying that the Wi-Fi is connected to this wifi network, its name, and its IP address. So right there you can find your Internet Protocol address. This IP address could have been allocated to your computer through a router, or through some sort of a device on your network that gives IP  addresses to computers. And that is the IP address of your computer. This is what’s called a dynamic IP address. And you can keep that and that is fine, or you can go and set up a static IP address, which is an IP address that you can set yourself, and that never changes. 

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That’s what we are gonna look at right here for how to change the IP address on your Mac. 

So to do this, you’re going to select advanced shown in the very bottom right-hand corner. We are gonna select TCP/IP here. It might say by default configure IPv4. So using this service called DHCP, if we select this drop-down option, you can get a few other options there. The one that we are specifically looking at here is ‘manually’. So manually is gonna let you manually input an IP address or a static IP address. Otherwise, you can leave it as DHCP. So that is the IP address right there. That’s the subnet mask and that is your router’s IP address. So the actual device that is on your network is acting as your router or a modem or something like that. So we’re gonna select manually, right here. And now we set a manual IP address. Now you wanna make sure it’s the correct IP address range of course, which is generally gonna be the same range as your router’s IP address. There you can type your own IP address into the seven to 16 range or 10 to.0.0 range. There are various ranges that can be used. But you want to make sure that it is consistent within the range generally 1702.16.1 or those three blocks of numbers in the same range for your IP address. After setting it up, select ok, and apply. Now that’s how you can set your IP address manually. 

You can change it back to dynamic by going back into advanced, and then back into TCP/IP and moving from manual back to DHCP, and then select ok that will automatically assign you a new IP address out on your network.

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