How to Set Up a VPN on Mac?

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By setting up a VPN, you can ensure a safe and secure connection between your computer or devices and the internet. The many possible reasons for using a VPN connection can be to include shielding activity on public Wi-Fi, speeding up your WiFi connectivity, connecting to a business network to work from home, accessing region-restricted content, etc. By directly forwarding your traffic to the network, VPN works by creating a secure connection between them. Whatever things are accompanied with using VPN, the prior goal for using VPN network connections is for protecting ourselves and our systems and data from cybercriminals and other unethical attacks and hackers. 

Even though VPNs are believed to be a protective layer from outside danger to the network, still individual unsafe browsing habits and performances by downloading malware files and using risky websites that can induce viruses into our system cannot be helped. 

Before anything, we need to choose the right VPN for our Mac to install. In terms of location, speed, encrypted protocols, and performance, most VPNs offer the same kind of service. Still, the small differences in them can affect the service provided by them for your Mac.

Choosing a VPN for your Mac

Some things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a VPN for your Mac are that about Web browsing privacy, Streaming movies, and Torrenting. Even though all of the available options are pretty much similar, they can vary with the different features they offer like a number of allowable connections in the network, service levels, torrenting support, VPN’s data logging policies, extra security features, encryption protocol (OpenVPN is considered best for this), and the jurisdiction of the company (a non-US jurisdiction is more preffered).  

Take time to go through the VPN reviews and feature advantages before buying or choosing one for your Mac. Especially to stream movies on platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix, you might need a strong VPN connection to watch movies smoothly without taking time to load or show any errors. 

If you are a torrenting person, you might want to check the best VPN service offering unlimited bandwidth, a wide range of P2P servers, the use of OpenVPN protocol encrypted with AES 256 bit, and jurisdiction outside 5,9, 14-eyes alliance countries. Also, read the VPN service’s fine print to make sure that your torrenting won’t be a problem by violating any user policy.

Setting up your Mac to your VPN

In order to set up your VPN in Mac’s built-in VPN settings, you should check for the necessary data like server address, username, password, VPN type, and shared secret in it. This information is specific to each VPN that is provided by the VPN operator.

  • First, click the Apple icon in the left upper corner of your screen, and click the option System Preferences.
  • There you can find the option Network to click on.
find the option Network to click on
  • To create a new network, you need to select the Plus (+) option.
select the Plus (+) option
  • From there, you may choose your VPN from the Server name dropdown box, put a name of your choice in the name field and click create.
choose your VPN from the Server
  • By entering the server address and account name in the username column, click Authentication Settings.
server address
  • After entering the password and shared secret, you can click Ok.
click Ok
  • After clicking Apply, click Connect. This will connect your VPN to your Mac. If you want to disconnect it, just turn off the VPN.
connect your VPN to your Mac

Setting up a VPN on Mac using a third-party VPN APP

If you plan to set up a VPN using third-party apps, go to the VPN provider’s website to get started. There you can find the download for your Mac system version. Some paid websites may ask for the payment details, which you can provide accordingly to purchase the VPN service. By launching the application installer on your device, you can install it and then directly launch it to begin using the service by selecting a VPN server location or a quick connection to the server. However, one thing to note is that it is better not to go for any free VPN services for your Mac, as no VPN companies provide free services. Even if they do, they find a way to monetize their service by collecting user data, tracking, or by selling them to third parties.

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