Google Pixel New Launch 2022 Features Drop: Check out What’s the Surprise

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Launching Android 12L today wasn’t enough; that’s why Google has also announced the March Pixel Feature Drop, a new software update of 2022. Look through and learn about peak new features incompatible with Google Pixel phones.

Exceeding the bonus of the elegant, soothing version of the ongoing Android processor on your Smartphone, Feature Drops are yet another allure undertaking for Pixel owners and potential buyers. You’re getting some added features and implementing improvements, all combined in with what would usually be just a regular update schedule.

The most major set of new aspects for the Pixel as the release of Android 13 is now obtainable. Thanks to the December update for the Google Pixel series. So stop wasting your time; let’s check out all these new best The Word Fruit features.

VPN by Google One

Your online actions are now more secure than the apps or browsers, thanks to the hassle-free VPN, and Google One is on Pixel 7 and 7 Pro models. Google One’s VPN makes it so improvised your identity is not connected to your network traffic.

New Combined Security & Privacy Settings

Users may effortlessly protect their devices, accounts, and passwords by survey security and privacy settings, risk ranking, and other details in one place. The feature of brand-new action cards notify you of security risks and provide productive, beneficial fixes to elevate privacy and security.

Noise-Free Calling

The Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro increases the other caller’s voice and decreases background noise thanks to Tensor G2, granting you to hear them properly even when in a noisy, packed area.

Speaker with Pixel Recorder

Speaker labels are attached to the Pixel Recorder. On a Pixel 6 or latest, Recorder labels each speaker and places line breaks when you record and interpret an English conversation.

Each contributor in a talk, meeting, or interview can give a label. If you are recording speakers, this tool employs machine learning to classify them. You can immediately rename your speaker’s name after the recordings.

Fitbit Recognized Your Sleep From Your Pixel Watch

You can analyse your sleeping pattern with Fitbit Sleep Profile on Pixel Watch. It endorses your sleep pattern. This Fitbit Premium function examines ten aspects of your sleeping pattern, including how long you spend while sleeping, how frequently you are awake during the night, and how long you sleep.


On the Bases of your data and behaviors, these profiles and vision may change every month, granting you to indicate and improve your sleep. Wear your Pixel Watch to bed for at least 14 monthly hours to see good results.

Pixel Watch Modification

It’s simple to schedule your day with the Sunrise/Sunset Tile from the setting in the Weather app. You may immediately make a call, text, or view a contact’s details by scrolling up to five now from your Favourites people list from your Contacts app.

More Useful Aspects

  • You can share your Digital car keys with your friends and family who require an approach to your vehicle. Pixel, iPhone, and Android 12+ phones can share digital auto keys.
  • While using Spanish and English language, Grammar now supports French also.
  • You can send and receive in your messaging apps can now be converted into Arabic, Persian, Swedish, Vietnamese, and Danish using a live converter.
  • A more powerful search is now present on Pixel 4a. It ensures. Pixel phones authorize you to find what you’re looking for swiftly, whether it’s an app, contact, screenshot, setting, or website result.
  • For the Pixel 4a and ensuring Pixel phones, the voice message version is now possible in Messages.
Spatial Audio

With your Pixel, you can also use Pixel Buds Pro to explore spatial audio with head tracking and get spatial audio with wired headphones.

Bug Fixes

After fixing all the 70 bugs in the update for Pixel smartphones, the Android Security Bulletin gives you details on this month’s security patches.

Update Availability

All Pixel smartphones that run Android 13 and are supported will receive these software updates today. It will begin to proceed in phases over the following week, counting on the provider and device. While keeping the spatial audio will be available from the start of January 2023.


After the decorative features are the incorporation of Fitbit Premium’s Sleep Profile for the Pixel Watch, which monitors ten different sleep adaptable to give you a clearer picture of how you doze, and if you don’t have a Pixel Watch, you can still use your Pixel phone to detect coughing and to snore while you sleep.


Communication clarity is also being addressed in a couple of crucial areas. Clear calling will, according to Google, adjust noise levels so that background sounds aren’t as remarkable and the caller’s voice is improved and enhanced; they’re simple to understand. Meanwhile, Recorder will be able to automatically keep track of individual speakers, label them, and break up the text. It’s not to make documenting discussion smoother.


\Your security and privacy are also enclosed in one location to simplify evaluating your risks and safety. Plus, you’ll be sent notifications regarding possible effects and details on how to address them. However, VPN by Google One is accessible outside of a Google One subscription—but only for Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro users.


These new updates are out today, with combined privacy and security on the Pixel 4a and more recent. At the same time, improved Recorder interpretation and snore observation hit the Pixel 6 and up. Clear calling and free VPN by Google are little to the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro.

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