Nothing’s Phone (1) Is All About Those Lights

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If you haven’t seen the Nothing phone before, you may be wondering what the Glyph interface is. Well, it’s a new and evolved way that your phone will notify you of incoming calls and other notifications. Unique to nursing phones, it sets the handset aside from other devices on the market. You are able to customize the five different light components on the back of the phone,  allowing you to add a little bit of personalization to your phone. 

What Nothing’s Phone (1) lacks is subtlety. But it does make up for awesomeness with its array of LED lights behind its clear-glass rear panel; known as the Glyph interface. Even though Nothing’s phone is just another Android phone, it is way cooler than the other ones, flashing its way through with custom notification patterns for individual contacts. 

The glyph light syncs to vibration and audio, meaning it will have a party of its own whenever wherever you get a notification. Now if this light display isn’t quite great for you, you can actually turn it off completely. To do this, you will need to go to the settings app, then go to the glyph interface, then all you have to do is turn the glyph lights off. It’s as simple as that. But if you have bought this phone, chances are you’ll actually want to turn them on and maybe customize them a little bit. So in the same menu as the settings, and then glyph interface you can scroll down and you can see notification sounds and also ringtones. And if you go into notification sounds, you can see all the different types of notifications there as well. 

Now the main reason you probably want to turn off the lights on the glyph interface is when you are trying to sleep. The last thing you want when you are sleeping is your phone lighting up the whole room. Well in the same interface, you can scroll right down to the bottom and set a bedtime schedule. That means during these times either the weekday or weekends, you can actually have the glyph interface turn off automatically. You can still be notified during this time by just having the phone vibrate or make a sound. However, the lights on the back won’t completely blind you in the dark. 

Another useful thing you can do with the glyph light is when you are in the camera, you can actually light them all up. This will create a nice soft light that you can see rather than a harsh flash. Sometimes you just need a little bit of fill light. 

Overall it does provide actually a decent amount of light and it’s soft enough that it will actually make a difference and look quite nice. 

Even though Nothing’s phone (1) is a clean, good-looking, heavily customized variant of Android, it does not come close to Apple in terms of built-in accessibility features. But still, the light accessibility feature does not just stay on the fun side of this phone. It also comes pretty handily in loud places where your notifications might not reach your ears, but these lights will surely light up the way to your eyes, for you to be notified.

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