What to Do When Gmail Is Not Working on iPhone

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If you are worried about Gmail not working on your iPhone, then don’t get tensed, as it is the same case with many such iPhone users. With many possibilities of factors for the problem, the troubleshooting processes and methods will vary from user to user. Through this blog, you can find some of the easiest to a little advanced list of solutions for your Gmail problems, to sort out on your iPhone.

Try Restarting your iPhone

Let it be iOS or Android phones, we users do try to solve most problems in our phones by restarting them. If the reason for your Gmail app not working is a minor glitch or any background process, restarting your phone will pretty much take care of the issue.

Visiting Gmail websites for Alerts

Sometimes if you face trouble while signing in to your Gmail account from your iPhone, then try to sign in from any other device. You can use your laptop or iPad to sign in to your Gmail account after verifying an email from Google showing your recent sign-in from a different device. After the verification process, you might be able to sign in to Gmail from your iPhone and check the website for any Alerts.

Check for Device Activity

In case you find no login alerts in your inbox, you can try to verify your Gmail login by going to the google account on your iPhone manually. For that open a web browser on your iPhone or PC to log in to your google account. There you can select the security tab, and click for your login activity on your iPhone. If you see a verification alert in there, you can verify it was you by clicking on ‘Yes, it was me’. Afterward, try logging in to your Gmail account from your iPhone.

Performing Captcha Reset

Most times whenever Google spots your Gmail activities from any other device or unfamiliar device, it prevents you from using your account till you unlock the CAPTCHA. 

You can reset your CAPTCHA to enable account access through the google web browser.

Ensuring that IMAP is enabled

Internet Message Access Protocol is a kind of internet protocol that Gmail uses to send you account info to and from your smartphones. If IMAP is disabled in your iPhone, Gmail will not work on it.

Try Removing and then Adding your Gmail Account

Even after trying out any of the above steps you are unable to set your Gmail right on your iPhone, try removing your Gmail account and then adding it again on your phone. By this, you can refresh your Gmail account’s connection with the server to try to fix the issue.

Try updating your Gmail App

Sometimes, it might be just a simple case of updating your App to make it work smoothly. Check for any pending updates for your Gmail app on your iPhone. Complete it and see if the problem is solved. Also, keep updating your iPhone’s OS as well. 

If you are facing problems with Gmail on your Mail App on your iPhone, try switching it to using a standalone Gmail App to reduce more such problems.

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