What Is Facebook Portal TV and How Does It Work?

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For some of you who don’t have any idea about what Facebook Portal TV is, then you might understand it as a set-top box that is designed to plug directly into a TV. Even if it looks a little different, the experience can be quite similar to that of Facebook’s standalone video platform called Portal. Some refer to the device as Facebook TV as it resembles other entertainment devices from comparable providers like Amazon Fire TV or Roku and other set-top box devices. 

Facebook Portal TV is mainly meant for connecting it to a primary display like your living room TV. One thing that distinguishes this device from other standard TV set-top boxes is that this has a built-in Alexa for smart voice commands and has the necessary features to be able to attend a video call, like a microphone, webcam, and even speakers. 

Before knowing about Facebook Portal TV, you might want to know about Facebook Portal. Being an essential standalone video display, Portal connects with Facebook and allows for communication with your friends or family. Portal TV eliminates the need for finding a tablet, smartphone, or computer to access a video streaming connection in every home.

Video calls aren’t all that Portal TV can offer you. It can stream videos and movies, play music, display pictures, etc. Also, you can work out your Alexa skills with any third-party apps and services. 

As Facebook Portal TV is a Portal without the screen, you normally connect it with your TV, placed in your living room. This Xbox Kinect similar-looking portal has AR friendly camera, speakers, and a microphone included within it. Both remote controlling as well as voice controlling or commanding via Alexa are available for Facebook Portal TV. 

Just as the name suggests, Facebook Portal TV is mainly for connecting with your Facebook account friends, family, and contacts and having video calls and interactive digital experiences with them. The Alexa features facilitate every command that you can do with an echo speaker in this Portal TV. Streaming content directly to your TV is possible with this Portal. You can also access Facebook’s version of Youtube or Netflix- Facebook Watch on your device. 

Now looking at the features and benefits, Portal TV has a 12.5MP camera with a 120-degree field of view and 8 microphone array to offer clear and quality communication. As it does not have any integrated display, it uses a built-in TV resolution. Supporting Alexa skills, the Alexa voice assistant has a built-in feature for Portal TV. Most video calls are done through Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. Facebook Portal TV has a dedicated mic and camera disable button and also a camera cover for privacy. Even though it supports 2.4 GHz and 5GHz WiFi networks, there are no built-in speakers as it instead uses a TV, surround system, or soundbar. 

The Facebook Portal TV can do about anything that an original portal can do and what an Alexa-enabled smart speaker can do. It can let you watch videos and movies, listen to music, look up recipes and interact with other apps and services. You can even have a smart video doorbell feature connected with your Portal TV. What attracts most of the users is its dynamic and interactive features and experiences provided. Even though it is multi-functional, it is mostly meant for those users who are quite highly attracted to Facebook and wants to stay connected and updated with their friends, and family with the social network services offered by Facebook Portal TV. 

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