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The Best Printer Apps For Android

The Best Printer Apps For Android

Here are some of the best Printer Apps that you can install on your Android devices to connect with your printers for printing wirelessly.

Epson Print

As Epson is one of the most well-known companies of printers, this app is also quite famous as an android printing app available in the market. You can easily share documents with a swipe and send them for printing in this app. Epson printer is also compatible with Excel files and word files for printing. One of the biggest advantages that you can have using this app is that it can easily print a whole website directly from your phone or android device. This app is free for use on Android. However, you can only use this app for printing in an Epson printer.

HP All-in-One

As one of the famous home printers company, you might also own an HP Printer in your house or even at your office. In that case, the HP All-in-one app would be the apt option for you to use on your Android devices to print something easily with the printer. This app not only allows you to share documents and images through email but also lets you print them effortlessly. HP All-in-one printer provides cloud services and supports an easy setup connection of your android device to your HP printer with an amazing Wi-Fi direct connection.

Canon Print Service

Canon is a company that has stayed quite a long in this market assuring good quality in its apps and devices. Using the Canon Print Service app, you can easily go for a quick print from your Android devices. But for the Canon print service app, you might need to activate the Canon print service before using the app. Also after installing the software the services might not be automatically activated. For that, you might have to tap the icon after installation. Once activated, you can easily enjoy the features offered by the app. One of the features that are quite attractive which is offered by canon printer service is that you can easily switch between color and black & white printing using this app.

Samsung Mobile Print

Samsung Mobile Print is a free app from HP inc. company. The app works perfectly fine on LG Smartphones and other such smartphones. We can easily use this app for printing, scanning, and faxing. Samsung mobile print app also provides us with an information tab that gives all the details about the app and its functionality. The scanning gets done as nicely as the printing is processed with this app. You would have no problem using this app, even as a beginner having no idea to use an app to print documents. The app is compatible with HP printers using which you can easily print documents from your emails and you can access your Google drive for documents or even pictures to print effortlessly using this app.


One of the plus points that PrintJinni has over other printing apps is that it can easily print photos and images from your social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, flip cover, etc. You can also print your content directly from your email using this app. PrintJinni also supports printing documents from your cloud storage services like Dropbox, Drive, Box, etc. This app supports black and white printing, color printing, duplex printing, etc. This app can work with more than 1000 models of laser and inkjet printers. PrintJinni supports almost any device whether it is Dell, Epson, Samsung, Xerox, HP, etc. Even though the app is free, you might want to have a subscription to use some of the services of the app.

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