YouTube’s Go Live Simultaneously Lets you Co-Host a Live Stream – But There’s a Catch

You are currently viewing YouTube’s Go Live Simultaneously Lets you Co-Host a Live Stream – But There’s a Catch

The primary host must have at least 50 subscribers before streaming.

YouTube is rolling out a new collaboration feature allowing two people to live stream simultaneously – the aptly named Go Live Together.

It works because one creator can invite another user to co-host a live stream. You can only host a single guest simultaneously. Still, other people can be rotated in and out during that same livestream. It’s similar to a FaceTime call, minus the group capability.

Technically, Go Live Together was first announced in November’22 when it was first launched on YouTube’s Creator Insider channel. Going Back then, it was also available to a handful of information creators. By the looks of it, a lot has stayed the same. 

The slight catch is that the host channel must have at least 50 subscribers before using the best feature. The invitation, moreover, is more comprehensive than this needs. It can be anybody: small or big channels. 


Apple and Android smartphones

Go Live Together is now available on Apple and Android smartphones, so download the upgraded version of YouTube on your smart devices if you want to try it out. Instructions on getting a shared livestream are available on Google’s support page. Still, you’ll have to tap the plus symbol at the bottom of the YouTube app to give a quick rundown. “Go Live Together” will appear in the bottom main menu. Tap the invite to your guest, and you’re good to go.

A System rendition of Go Live Together is currently in the works, but its release date is unknown. According to Team YouTube on Twitter, they’ll keep everyone updated as more information becomes available.

According to other reports. A host channel can schedule a co-stream via YouTube on a desktop, but that’s all there is to it. To watch the live stream, you must eventually download the mobile app. In the meantime, until Go Live Together is available on the desktop, you can use Google Meet. Last summer, YouTube received Google Meet support for hosting large-scale events.

If you want to start live streaming, now is an excellent time to give it a shot. Hence, you’re ready when YouTube expands Go Live Together – a desktop version seems inevitable.

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