How to Download Movies From Netflix Onto Your Mac or iPad

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How to download Netflix movies on your iPad for offline watching is covered in this post. Both the Netflix app and the Netflix website cannot be downloaded on a Mac. All iPads running a recent version of the Netflix software and all Macs are covered by this information.

How to Download Netflix Movies to an iPad

It’s easy to download Netflix movies and TV series to your iPad so you can watch them while you’re not online. The downloads are ideal for use on flights, road trips, and other occasions where entertainment is desired but where a strong internet connection is not always available.

You need an active Netflix subscription as well as the free app in order to download Netflix movies on an iPad. The App Store is where you can get the Netflix app for iOS.

To get content from Netflix on an iPad:

  1. Open the iPad’s Netflix application.
  2. The movie, TV show, or whole season of a TV series that you want to download can be selected by scrolling down the initial screen and browsing the listings. 
  3. Tap the downward pointing arrow labeled “Download” if your choice is a movie. The movie cannot be downloaded if the downward arrow for Download is absent.
    The download arrow is replaced by a progress wheel and a status indication when the download starts.
    When you tap Downloads at the bottom of the screen, the movie downloads to the My Downloads screen.
  4. Tap the downward arrow next to each episode you wish to view in your chosen TV show to start the downloads. Use the app’s Smart Download function. Movies and TV shows can be started before they have finished downloading. If you live somewhere with limited internet connectivity, this is useful. You can decide to complete the download and pick up where you left off once you have a better connection.
  5. To access the My Downloads screen after the download is finished, hit the Downloads button at the bottom of the screen.
  6. To watch a downloaded movie or TV show, click the Play arrow next to it on the My Downloads screen.

Setting the Netflix App

You can choose whether you wish to change the default setting of restricting downloads to Wi-Fi only in the Netflix for iPad app’s settings. Aside from turning on and off Smart Downloads, you can also alter the video quality from Standard, which is suitable for viewing on an iPad, to Higher, which you might prefer if you want to stream the movie on a larger screen. By selecting More from the bottom of the screen, you may access the Netflix app options.

How to Download Netflix Movies to a Mac

The Mac doesn’t have a Netflix app. Netflix can be accessed through a browser, but no content may be downloaded to your hard drive from the browser. On Mac, Netflix does not offer downloading or offline viewing.

Despite this, there are a few legitimate ways to watch Netflix video that has been downloaded on a Mac:

  • Windows and Boot Camp: At the Microsoft Store, Netflix has a Netflix app for Windows-based computers. Windows 10 is operated using Boot Camp, a program that is preinstalled on Macs. After that, you can legally download Netflix material by downloading the Netflix software for Windows. However, installing Windows 10 on a Mac requires a copy of the operating system, so this is not a cheap substitute.
  • Netflix for iPads supports AirPlay, which enables wireless multimedia content streaming between Apple devices. This enables streaming from an iPad. So, any Netflix content that you download to an iPad and stream to a Mac is available. In this manner, you can show a movie to many people on a bigger screen. This is different from downloading to a Mac because your Mac’s screen can be larger than your iPad’s.

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