Netflix Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

You are currently viewing Netflix Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

One of the most well-known streaming services is Netflix, which has a large selection of licensed content, original TV episodes, and movies. A binge-watching session can be ruined if you can’t launch Netflix or play its content. Here are seven ways to fix Netflix issues so you may resume viewing your current favorite show.

1. Restart the App After Closing it

If Netflix won’t open or play videos, restart it. Closing the program should erase corrupt data preventing it from working. This is a good initial step for deleting apps from an iPhone, Android smartphone, streaming media player, or smart TV. Depending on your device, there are numerous ways to do this, but for most streaming devices, you click and hold or long-press on the app until you see further options, including force-closing it.

2. Consider Using a Different Device to Access Netflix

Try Netflix on a different device as a method to focus your search. Try using the mobile app on your phone or a browser on your laptop if, for example, you are unable to view Netflix on the Roku that comes with your TV. If it works on one device but not another, you’ve isolated the issue to that one device and determined that it isn’t a problem with Netflix or your internet connection.

3. Verify that the Netflix service is operational

Although it’s uncommon for the Netflix service as a whole to be offline, if the app isn’t functioning properly, Netflix may be unavailable. You can check the Netflix status page at Downdetector or the Netflix status website to determine whether the issue is with the Netflix service rather than your app. You can use your web browser to search for “is Netflix down.”

4. Log out of Netflix and then back in

Some Netflix issues might be quickly fixed by creating a new Netflix account. Sign out of Netflix first, then re-sign in if you’re already logged in. No matter what app or device you are using, the procedure is basically the same: locate your account icon, choose to Sign Out, then sign in again.

5. Look into Your Internet Connection

If you experience Netflix connection issues or your movies play intermittently, your internet connection is likely to be blamed. Either your WiFi network needs resetting or your ISP is slow.

If your Netflix device has a web browser, do Google’s speed test. You can utilize a desktop, laptop, or portable device. If you’re using Netflix on a streaming media player or smart TV, run a speed test on another device in the same room. You can also watch the video on another app. 5 Mbps or 15 Mbps is needed for HD or 4K video transmission. 

Restart your WiFi network and internet modem if Netflix won’t load. Unplug both devices for two minutes, then plug in the router and wait until all the lights are on (up to five minutes). Then, plug in the WiFi router and wait a few minutes.

If the problem persists, contact your ISP to see if the service is down locally or if your connection is down.

6. A Netflix App Update

It’s possible that you aren’t using the most recent version of the Netflix app, and that the one you are using is incompatible with other apps on your device or contains a significant issue. Although most devices update their apps frequently, likely, Netflix hasn’t received an update in a while. 

7. Reinstall the Netflix App if Necessary

If everything else fails, you might be able to fix your issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the Netflix app. This could get rid of any buggy software that was preventing you from using the app. Keep in mind that you will have to check in again using your account details.

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