The First Fully Wireless OLED TV Is Entirely Off The Hook Globally

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Wireless televisions are a partial sci-fi idea. LG indicated a 97-inch wireless OLED at CES 2023, one of the extra attention-taking with their items in the brand’s crowded counter. But as far off in a quiet, outlying corner of the Las Vegas gathering Center’s Central Hall is perhaps more intriguing: a fully wireless 55-inch 4K OLED Television.

Entirely wireless, as in no wires – not even a standard power cable which LG’s wireless 97-inch OLED has. Display Television has created a screen that runs on four rechargeable lithium-ion power batteries, which provide you with six hours a day of viewing before a recharge is needed in a month. The Television, wireless base station, power batteries, and charger cost $3,000 for the lot, and you can purchase four Televisions from the organization for $9,000. 

Why would you want four wireless Screen Televisions? Because you can attach them to create a 110-inch 8K Television. The sets have top-mounted cameras that track hand movements. Using a pinch and enlarge gesture, you can get a picture displayed on one of the screens to level up and fill all those four attachments. (The wireless television screen is a base station, which streams to the screens through Wi-Fi 6E, has various video inputs to enable simultaneous viewing of different sources, and has an innovative TV interface.)

Witnessing that pinch-and-expand function was mind-blowing, but what was even more incredible was watching a Television wall mounted. 

Displace Television’s proprietary active loop vacuum tech, which draws low power from the batteries, utilizes the affix to set on the surface without wall mounting hardware – you hold off latches on the panel’s edge, pull, and the vacuum seal is released. You can carry the lightweight Television, just approximately 16 pounds, to different rooms, wall mount it securely, and resume watching.

Displace Television's

There are some downsides to the latest version. When various televisions are grouped, a gap is visible between the panel’s edges. This is a distant cry from the seamless vision with 100-plus inch Micro LED Screens, which are also put together from different boards. The Televisions also have highly reflective display aspects – simple to view on a trade show floor with bright lights.

But considering the cutting margin tech here and the comparatively lower cost, you can plan to purchase a 110-inch 8K OLED Television model LG’s 97-inch 4K OLED pricing $25,000, and it uses wires; Display Television’s providing is quite the deal.

Wireless televisions are not just a sci-fi idea – LG is showing a wireless OLED at the 97-inch CES 2023, where it’s one of the more eye-catching items at the company’s crowded booth. But far away in a quiet, secluded section of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central mall hall is, perhaps, even more attractive: a fully wireless 55-inch 4K OLED television.

Oblique view of the Displace TV panel. Note the battery compartments (top and bottom) and side handles for assembly and disassembly. Also, note the glare of the screen.

Witnessing this pinch-and-expand function was overwhelming, but seeing a TV mounted on a wall was even more extraordinary.

Displace TV’s proprietary active-loop vacuum technology is used, which draws little current from batteries. Further used to attach the device to a surface with no mounting hardware – you grab the latches on the sides of the panel, pull, and the vacuum seal is made. You can then carry the lightweight TV (around 16 pounds) to another room, squeeze to mount it securely to the wall and continue watching..

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